When it comes to editing photos the one name that’s on everyone’s lips is Photoshop, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Photoshop is the best. There are alternatives that serve the same purpose sometimes even better than Photoshop, question which one should you go for?

Adobe Photoshop cc

The first and the most obvious choice is Adobe Photoshop, this is the benchmark software for photo editing. What makes Photoshop the turn to software is, it’s fast, easy to use and efficient, but it does require you to learn how to use it. What turns most people off about Photoshop is the pricing, to use Photoshop you will have to dish out $ 29.99 each month.

Photoshop runs on both Windows and Mac.

Pixlr 2015

If you are looking for something a bit better than Photoshop in the mobile platform, then you should go for Pixlr. Unlike Photoshop understanding how to use Pixlr is easy, the software also offers you a wide variety of effects and other tools that you can use on your photos.

Pixlr is available for Android and IOS


If there is one thing Google is good at, is creating the great user experience. Picasa is a product from Google that offers you many options in photo editing and sharing. What makes Picasa good is that it’s easy to use and very good at organizing and viewing photos. The real downside is the editing which is not as advanced as Pixlr or Photoshop. As an added plus, Picasa is free on both Windows and Mac.

Picasa is available for Mac and windows.

Affinity photo review

This is a product developed by serif exclusively for Mac; you can say that this is Photoshop’s biggest rival. The software is fast, easy to use and the pricing is better than Photoshop’s. Unlike Photoshop, once you buy affinity you won’t have to pay any monthly subscriptions, it is a onetime deal that will cost you $50. Simply put, if you are a Mac user then you should have serif affinity photo.

Serif affinity is available on Mac


Gimp is multiplatform image manipulation software, the software makes photo editing easy. GIMP looks and feels a lot like Photoshop; therefore if you are looking for an alternative to Photoshop you can never go wrong with GIMP.

GIMP is available on Linux, Windows, and Mac

Corel paint shop pro

Most of the features of this software are similar to Photoshop, but Corel paint shop pro is a powerful photo editing software that still deserves your attention. You can get it for as low as $39. The biggest problem with this software is that it’s a bit slow.

Corel is available on windows

This is not an exhaustive list there are thousands of photo editing software that you can choose from. This means that your needs will determine what you’ll go for, therefore before you buy or download a particular photo editing software make sure that it suits your needs.