Professional portraits are essential elements when you try to build out the business’ reputation and image. Here, we’ll see how to take a corporate headshot and learn how to shoot head-and-shoulders images.

Headshot portraits are always in demand, whether it’s for a company website, college photos, passport pictures, etc. Nevertheless, it’s the photographer’s duty to make their client look professional and perfect for a portrait. Especially when the corporate headshots are for the professionals like engineers, mental health professionals, and psychologist. Unlike the trend of today’s experimental and edgy photography, corporate headshots do not need an artsy edge.

The objective of the corporate portrait is to produce a professional shot of person’s head up to their shoulders. Some of the requirements to achieve this kind of shot are proper lighting, clean background, a pose that is authoritative or engaging. Adding a corporate head shot to your website like on can help to improve website conversions.

The Home Studio Lighting Kit. Having a photo shoot in your client’s workplace needs a home studio kit. Every photographer sure has one of these kits that has flash heads fitted with umbrellas. One of the basic setups is to position one light towards the background and one main light in front of the subject. You can also position one light above or to the sides of the subject depending on the natural light of the environment.

Defusing the Light. Professional photos need a softer light for an amazing result thus we can either bounce the flash off the walls or use the umbrellas. To do so, attach one of the main light and try diffusing the light so it’s just lightly pointed in front of the subject.

Knowing your Goal. Before starting the photo shoot, make sure that you know what your client wants and how they want to appear in the photos. It’s hard to begin the project without knowing your goal. Some may want a traditional/conservative vibe others may want more contemporary. It may also depend on the profession of your client, for doctors, psychologist and the likes, you may need to keep the corporate photos more conservative yet modern.

Simple Background. While others may prefer to have the corporate photos in their working place, be sure that the background is not too strong to distract the viewers away from the real subject. Clear out the background or you might also need a large pop-up reflector to blow the background out. Use a wide aperture to blur the background as needed.