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Real Estate Photography Tips

In the right hands’ cameras can help you achieve a lot of things, just look at socialites who literally make a living off pictures and videos. Think of that home that you intend to sell as a celebrity, in order to make it popular with buyers you have to learn the marketing tactics and strategies that make homes sell, there is no way around it.

So don’t take dull lifeless photos and hope for the best, you must present the home in all its glory and cheat a little. Look at it this way, not all homes have a superb design and architecture. therefore you have to learn how to present even the ugliest home in an appealing way, and how do you do this?

Start with Your Equipment

The thing about homes is that they are not the same, this means that the home itself will determine the type of equipment you will need.

Generally, you will need:

  1. Tripod/monopod: you need stability
  2. Non Distorting lenses: the most recommended are wide angle lenses
  3. Electronic flash: you should have more than one flash and under the right conditions you can depend on natural light.
  4. Light stands

Brush Up Your Low Lighting Photography Skills

Most parts of the home’s interiors will have low lighting conditions; to get the best shots you should learn how to take low light photos.

house photoThe Lighting

The most important aspect of photography is light, learning how to use the light to get a great shot is very important. Simple things such as turning on the lights in the interiors will bring more depth into your photos, but reflections can ruin everything so be careful around reflective surfaces.

Prepare the Interiors

The goal of taking real estate photos is to sell; therefore you will have to arrange everything in an attractive way. This means that everything has to look neat and well arranged.

One mistake that most people make is shooting directly at a wall, the effect this will have is that the photo will look flat. To avoid this you should focus on the corners and shoot at low angles, the effect this will have is that the room will appear larger.

Cheat a Little

You have to show buyers the best interior and exterior features of the home, if there are items that clutter the space you should have them removed. This applies to garbage and anything else that’s not doing you any favors.

After taking photos you should edit them a little, don’t go all Photoshop on them. All you have to do is adjust brightness, color saturation and contrasts according to your taste or preference. The final result shouldn’t be something very different from the home, if you overdo it then buyers will be disappointed when they come to look at the home. Photographing architecture can be a tricky task.

The most important piece of advice here is to know what you want. Your goals will determine the final outcome of your photo shoot. So don’t just start taking photos without taking time to study the home or building you are trying to sell, and when all else fails you can always hire a professional photographer.

Property management Vancouver specialist, Boon Sim states his firm Sutton Select PM regularly hires professional photographers to shoot their listings. “Having professionally taken photos can be the difference between attracting qualified renters or buyers for your home or property” says Boon. This is especially true in highly competitive real estate markets like Vancouver. It’s not just real estate firms too, more and more local businesses are using professional photographers to visually communicate their messages.…